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I am fully bonded and insured, and I have my criminal background check. I am a member of Pet Sitters International. I am also a licensed CVT with the state of Pennsylvania. You should be confident that you’re hiring someone who can be trusted with the care of your home and pets!


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​A positive experience for you and your pets

Hi, I'm Ashleigh House.  I am a CVT (Certified Veterinary Technician).  I also have certifications in Canine Massage and Reiki.

I have worked with animal rescues, kennels and animal daycare facilities since I was a young teen.  My passion has always been hands on care of animals.  This led to a Vet Tech degree and several years working at Animal Hospitals.  I found that I just wasn't getting as much one-on-one time with animals as I would like, and decided to pursue a different path.

My goal at Trappe Pawsitive Pets is to offer my clients quality care at an affordable price.  Whether it is dog walking, pet sitting, a massage or reiki appointment, I do my best to ensure a positive experience for you and your pets!


Dog Walking

Whether you need a weekly schedule or just a day here and there, I will make sure that your pets are getting the fresh air and exercise they need.

Walks are scheduled between 7am and 7 pm.

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Pet Sitting​

When you can't be home for your pets, you can be assured that their needs are being met with the same loving care you would give them. 

They are your family, and for as long as you need us, they will be our family!

In addition, we will bring in your mail, take out your trash and other small daily chores.  Just ask!

Overnights begin by 9 pm and end by 7am. 

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Is your older dog slowing down?  Massage can be very beneficial for both pain control and quality of life.

Is your dog recovering from an injury?  Massage can be a great therapy to add to a rehabilitation plan. 

Puppies can also benefit from massage.  Puppy massage can help prevent strains and sprains by lengthening and toning muscles, tendons and ligaments. Growing pains is also a condition that can be helped with massage.

For any dog, massage can aid in  good health and overall well-being.

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Animal Reiki is a holistic approach. It brings the balance your pet needs to be their healthiest mentally, behaviorally, emotionally and physically.

  •  Reduces stress and relaxes nervous or anxious animals
  •  Great for trauma:   PTSD, rescues, lost & missing pets
  • •Natural and safe to use with any other treatments and remedies

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